Thursday, November 19, 2009

City Council Meeting Minutes - Ashlyville

The first city council meeting for the inaugural town in Sherryland - recented named Ashlyville- was conducted today. Below are the meeting minutes from the Ashlyville City Council Meeting.

The fiirst item on the agenda was the proposed expansion of Ashlyville.  The Development Committee met yesterday and approved the motion for expansion.  At this time, the approvals include a Whataburger and a Barnes and Noble.  Other structures were approved but have not been leased yet. 

A motion was introduced again by the Coalition for the Prevention of Ilegal Fornication to close the brothel located on the north end of Ashlyville.  The motion was not approved by a vote of 0-2. 

A petition was introduced by the Ashlyville Hookers for a liquor store to be opened in Ashlyville.  The petition cited the need for customers to be "more liquored up" to encourage incremental interpersonal commerce at the brothel.  The petition is currently under consideration of the Development Committee.

The Deacons from the First Church of Ashlyville presented a request for a permit to carol in the streets during the last two weeks of December.  This was unamisously approved.

The final agenda item was a review of the proposed railroad project through Ashlyville.  However, due to the absence of the railroad commissioner, there was no timeline to review or approve.  The hookers were outraged as they have no way in or out of Ashlyville and feel that the railroad workers present yet another opportunity for increased interpersonal commerce.  The Ashlyville Express Line has an expected completion date of December 11.  Hopefully, in time to bring presents from Santa for the little children of Ashlyville, as well increased client interaction at the brothel.  The Council understands that the railroad commissioner is currently recruiting for a safety engineer before construction can begin.

The meeting was adjorned, eggnog was served and Tiny Tim blessed everyone in Ashlyville.

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